Thin top mattress. Dimensions: 180 × 200 cm. Thickness: 3 cm.

You can apply our thin Topcovers to any mattress or surface. The Topcover can be used for hygienic reasons or to bridge an annoying seam between two mattresses. This is a great topper for a wonderful finish of your mattress or mattresses. This top mattress is airy and thin. It ensures a nice finish to your mattress. There are flexible straps at the corners so that the topper can not shift.


Features of the Topcover 180 x 200 cm:


Suitable for every mattress and surface

Suitable for bridging a seam between two mattresses

Equipped with 4 flexible tires

Does not affect the firmness of your current mattress

Easy to roll up and store

2 months money back guarantee

Can be used on both sides


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Mattress Cover

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